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      Company News

      Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, Li Yunze, Inspected the “Administration-Bank Connection” Project Constructed by Aisino Corporation

        On March 7th, 2019, Li Yunze (the vice-governor of Sichuan Province and the member of the leading Party group), Luo Zengbin (the secretary of Bazhong Municipal Party Committee) and etc. visited the Bazhong Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) to inspect the pilot project (handy services for the public) of the “Administration-Bank Connection” (ABC) undertaken by Aisino Corporation.

      Photo of Site Inspection

        After listening to the report on various innovation pilot projects of the ICBC, Li Yunze experienced our self-service terminal tailored for the Administration for Market Regulation, and issued the business license to the enterprise which obtained certificate via the intelligent terminal on the day.

      Li Yunze issued the business license made on the scene to the enterprise.

        Li Yunze fully approved the ABC self-service terminal constructed by Aisino. He expressed the hope that the Administration for Market Regulation would realize the integration of various services with the banks in the city as soon as possible, further promote the convenience service terminals to various points (such as communities, supermalls, and water and electricity payment halls), unblock the accesses to end services, and provide citizens with “all-weather and regional-wide” self-help services.

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